Thursday, May 12, 2016

Gift Ideas For Teachers

Apples are Nice, but YL-Inspired Teacher’s Gifts are Better!

Reading, writing, arithmetic—is there anything teachers can’t do? Let’s have some fun and thank them for making the world a better, more educated place.
Just click on and print your favorite gift tag and attach it to the corresponding oil for a gift that will keep on giving! Put your orders in here.
Teacher, you’re such an “Inspiration” to me! (Inspiration)
Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_Inspiration

Inspiration essential oil

Teacher, you have “mint” so much to me this year! (Peppermint)

Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_MINT
peppermint essential oil

You were “mint” to be my teacher! (Spearmint)

spearmint essential oil

Thanks for helping me achieve my “Highest Potential” this year! (Highest Potential)
Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_Highest Potential

 highest potential essential oil blend
Is it out of “Lime” to say you’re the best teacher? (Lime)
Blog-Teacher Gifts_Gift Tags_Lime
lime essential oil

Plus more here

Thanks yl

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