Monday, July 1, 2019

July Promos

July Promos

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Seedlings Baby Wipes: If you have babes at home, these wipes are amazing for all the things...and they have healthy ingredients! No babes at home? Use these as general wipes to keep in your purse or car, use them for make-up removers or even as dryer sheets!!!

Lemon: Another great one to add to your ice water (vitality), is great for detoxing the body. Also great for cleaning and it is such a fresh oil to diffuse!

Lavender: The swiss army knife of oils! I use this for sleep support, skin support, diffusing...the list goes on!

Mason Jar w/ Stainless steel straw: I love these exclusives! A great way to keep your water intake game strong...and ningxia intake too!

Valor Roll On: Valor is called the courage oil and this roll on has a carrier oil added and is ready to be used! This oil is an absolute favorite of many and the testimonies with this oil are pretty amazing.

Note some of these are ER exclusives, meaning you will only qualify for them if ordering through Essential Rewards. Let me know if you are interested in info on that! Also, you can get the non ER promos 2x a month!