Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mother's Day Special: Young Living Kit Plus A Gift

                   Mothers Day Special 

This is a great gift for you or someone  special in your life!

24% discounts on all purchases after you order 

  • Encludes a free DewDrop  Diffuser (option to upgrade to Rainstone, Bamboo or Aria Diffusers)
  • 11, 5ml bottles of essential oil blends and single oils:
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Frankincense
  • Copaiba
  • Thieves
  • PanAway
  • R.C.
  • Purification
  • DiGize
  • Stress Away (Bonus)
  • A  Product Guide, AromaGlide Roller Fitment (put this roller ball on any of the 5ml or 15ml bottles, 2 packets of Ningxia Red, 10 Mini dram bottles (to share your oils), 10 Sample packets of oil , 10 product usage cards with a place to attach a sample
  • OR NingXia Red Kit , Thieves Cleaner Kit
Bonus from me-

You will receive a gift just for 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

7 Ways To Spoil Mom This Mother's Day

  1. Water Bottle with Lemon VitalityWater Bottle and Lemon Vitality
    What mom wouldn’t love a water bottle to stash in her car or purse for her busy day? This glass water bottle is sturdy enough for Mom’s day-to-day but maintains a delicate, chic look thanks to its metal twist cap and etched design. Plus, she’ll get a free bottle of Lemon Vitality™ to instantly brighten any drink!
  1. Bath & Shower Gels
    Any mom welcomes a quiet moment to refresh—even if her only chance to get away is in the shower. Our Bath & Shower Gel makes shower time extra special with refreshing aromas such as Lavender and Morning Start, or she can create a custom scent with the Bath & Shower Gel Base. For extra silky skin, use a gentle exfoliating glove. You’ll get one for free with our bath gels now through June 20!
    1. DIY Foot Soak
      Kids keep you on your toes, so it makes sense that motherhood comes with tired feet. A simple Silky Foot Soak is perfect for moms on their feet, and it’s a DIY that feels anything but homemade. With rolled oats and Epsom salt, this mixture combined with warm water creates a velvety soak that softens and pampers skin. Plus, the added scent of her favorite essential oil will refresh her mood as well.
    1. Breakfast in BedEinkorn Pancake and Waffle Mix
      Give her a break with a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. Gary’s True Grit™ Einkorn Pancake and Waffle Mix makes it easy to whip up a bed and breakfast experience right at home. Use the mix to create hearty, delicious pancakes, waffles, or crepes and add fresh fruit, yogurt, tea, or juice for a complete treat.
    1. Lip Balm and DIY Lip Scrub
      For lips that kiss scrapes and kiss goodnight, Mom needs a balm that keeps her lips soft and comfortable. Give her a petroleum-free lip balm in one of our three fresh flavors—GrapefruitLavender, andCinnamint™—or treat her to all three! A homemade lip scrub offers extra pampering, and it’s easy to make. Simply combine 2 teaspoons organic evaporate cane juice crystals, ¾ teaspoon coconut oil, and 1–2 drops essential oil such as Lavender or Peppermint. Place the scrub in a small jar and wrap with a ribbon or bow for the final touch.
    2. DIY Bath Salts
      The easiest way to create an at-home spa experience? Bath salts! Use our simple bath salts recipe for a DIY gift that will make her feel like a queen. It includes Eucalyptus Globulus and Juniper essential oils to create an invigorating and steamy atmosphere that’s the perfect place to unwind.
    3. Home Diffuser with a Custom Essential Oil BlendHome Diffuser
      A new diffuser is always a treat, whether or not you already have one! The Home Diffuser, with a delicate rose-inspired look, is the perfect way to start spring. We love using it in living rooms and bedrooms, but she can also enjoy it at work, in a home office, or craft room. Make the gift extra special with a custom, homemade blend that’s personalized to include her favorite scents. Our list of favorite springtime blends make it easy to make your own.

      Giveaway rules:
    • To enter, simply comment on this post.
    • One  randomly selected commenter will win a Home Diffuser, along with 15-ml bottles of (1) Grapefruit, (1) Lavender, and (1) Ylang Ylang essential oils (valued at $190.46 USD).
    • Contest ends at 11:59 p.m., MT, on Thursday, April 28. The winner will be announced on the blog on Friday, April 29.
    • Click here for official rules.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Essential Oils and More 24% Discount

 Get Started With Your Own Premium Starter Kit which makes you a member (FREE).
After that you get an incredible savings of 24% on all product you purchase!! 

       Your Premium Starter Kit Includes:   Dew Drop Diffuser
Premium Essential Oils Collection;Lavender 5-ml, Peppermint Vitality™ 5-ml
  • Lemon Vitality™ 5-ml, Copaiba Vitality™ 5-ml, Frankincense 5-ml
  • Thieves® Vitality™ 5-ml, Purification® 5-ml, R.C.™ 5-ml, DiGize™ Vitality™ 5-ml
  • PanAway® 5-ml, Stress Away™ 5-ml, AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment
10 Sample Packets10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards
10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples
Product Guide and Product Price ListEssential Oil MagazineEssential Edge
Member Resources
$160    Item #: 5463

$160     Item #: 5462

Aria Diffuser
$260     Item #: 5465

      Kit includes:
NingXia Red 2-pack30 NingXia Red Singles (2 fl. oz. ea.)NingXia Nitro
5-ml Stress Away™AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment10 Sample Packets
10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles
2 NingXia Red 2-oz. samplesProduct Guide and Product Price List
Essential Oil MagazineEssential EdgeMember Resources
$170    Item #: 5467

  • Kit includes:
15-ml ThievesThieves AromaBright™ ToothpasteThieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash
2 Thieves Cleaner2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap2 Thieves Spray
2 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier5-ml Stress Away™AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment
10 Sample Packets10 Love It? Share It! Sample Business Cards
10 Love It? Share It! Sample Oil Bottles2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples
Product Guide and Product Price ListEssential Oil Magazine
Essential EdgeMember Resources
$160    Item #: 5466

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

What It Takes to Deliver Essential Oil Perfection

From Our Fields to Your Family: What it Takes to Deliver Essential Oil Perfection 
Order here

Young Living - Seed to Seal Promise
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Friday, April 8, 2016

DIY: Custom Blends

Greet Spring with these DIY Custom Blends

Creating your own DIY spring-inspired blends is the perfect way to bring a breath of fresh air into you home. Diffuse any of these three great blends to embrace the cheery brightness of spring!

Spring Blossom

With an invigorating aroma and hints of floral sweetness, this rejuvenating blend is perfect for bright spring mornings.
Jasmine Essential Oil

2 drops Jasmine
2 drops Eucalyptus Globulus              
1 drop Peppermint

Hawaiian Sunrise

Get the uplifting scents of Hawaii without having to brush the sand out of your shoes! Sandalwood provides a warm, beachy smell, while Lime adds a burst of citrus.

2 drops Lime
3 drops Royal Hawaiian™ Sandalwood

Sweet Springtime Renewal

Combining aromas that are clean, relaxing, and romantic, this blend brings together three favorite essential oils for a uniquely uplifting experience.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

2 drops Grapefruit
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Ylang Ylang

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thai-Style Lettuce Wraps

Thai-Style Lettuce Wraps

20-Minute Game Day Lettuce Wrap Recipe

1 tablespoon olive oil
1 pound ground chicken, turkey, or chopped mushrooms for a vegetarian option
2 tablespoons red curry paste
4 cloves garlic, finely chopped
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 cup cabbage, chopped
8 ounces water chestnuts, drained and diced
1/4 cup hoisin sauce
4 green onions, chopped
2 drops Ginger Vitality™ essential oil
1 drop Basil Vitality™ essential oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 head iceberg lettuce or

Spritz cabbage, red pepper, green onions, and lettuce with Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray, rinse, and cut.
Heat olive oil in a large skillet until very hot. Add ground chicken or turkey and cook about 3 minutes on medium-high heat until it begins to brown.
Add red curry paste, garlic, diced peppers, cabbage, and water chestnuts and stir-fry for another 3 minutes.
Add hoisin sauce and green onions and toss.
Stir in Ginger Vitality and Basil Vitality essential oils.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
Transfer cooked chicken to a bowl.
To serve, place spoonfuls of filling into pieces of lettuce.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lavender Makeup Remover Pads

DIY Lavender Makeup Remover Pads

2 tablespoons V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex
4 drops Lavender essential oil
1 tablespoon witch hazel
2 tablespoons filtered water
Round cotton pads
4-ounce airtight glass container
Label (download below to print)
To Make

Pour V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex, Lavender oil, witch hazel, and water into jar. Tighten lid and shake thoroughly.
Place 10 or so cotton rounds in the glass container, tighten lid, and rotate until solution soaks into cotton pads.
Print labels on a sticker sheet or on paper and affix with glue. Place label on container lid.
To Use

Remove one wipe and squeeze out excess liquid. Gently blot or wipe over closed eyelids until makeup is removed.

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Friday, April 1, 2016

April Promos- Free

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