Saturday, November 18, 2017

For Men: Essential Oil Blends

An air of masculinity: Essential oil diffuser blends for men

The following blends are based on 12 drops per diffuser, but they should be modified based on your individual diffuser drop suggestions.
Idaho Balsam Fir Essential OilNo need for an energy drink! Get your guy a diffuser and have him start diffusing the energizing aroma of this blend during the post-lunch lull. Maybe the whole office will feel the boost and benefits of this get-going blend.
  • 4 drops Peppermint to aromatically inspire a sense of concentration
  • 6 drops Orange for a bright, energizing aroma
  • 2 drops Idaho Balsam Fir for a scent that enhances calming and grounding

Eucalyptus radiata essential oilRush hour traffic can turn anyone’s day south. This manly blend will help keep his eyes on the road, while making road rage the last thing on his mind. When used with a USB Diffuser, this on-the-go blend can help make his commute a little time to unwind.
  • 6 drops Lime for a cheerful and relaxing aroma
  • 2 drops Eucalyptus Radiata for a scent that inspires energy
  • 4 drops Copaiba/Cedarwood to help create a grounding environment
Wintergreen Essential oilThe odor that used to emanate from his man cave might have had a hint of “no girls allowed,” but for all the wrong reasons. This blend of essential oils is uplifting enough that you’ll enjoy smelling it throughout the whole house and masculine enough that your guy will be diffusing it himself!
  • 3 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce for an invigorating aroma
  • 6 drops Bergamot to help create an uplifting environment
  • 3 drops Wintergreen for a stimulating scent
Shutran essential oilWhether he plops down in the recliner after a morning reliving his glory days with his buddies or cheers on his favorite team every weekend, your sports fan will be rooting for you to diffuse this blend regularly.
  • 6 drops Valor® to create an empowering environment
  • 2 drops Citrus Fresh™ for a bright and refreshing scent
  • 2 drops Shutran™ for a scent that inspires feelings of masculinity
  • 2 drops Tea Tree to provide a strong aroma
Raven Essential oilHe loves working with his hands and could spend the whole day tinkering with his tools. Help him get all the benefits of being where he loves by diffusing essential oils that enhance the space.
  • 4 drops Raven™ to create an environment of clarity
  • 6 drops Tangerine for a bright and refreshing scent
  • 2 drops Idaho Blue Spruce to provide a woodsy scent
Northern Lights Black SpruceIf you find your guy looking longingly at the lawnmower section of the hardware store or if he spends hours painstakingly pulling weeds and timing watering precisely to keep your grass the envy of the neighborhood, help highlight his passion indoors with this essential oil blend for him.
  • 2 drops Basil to create a calming environment
  • 2 drops Northern Lights Black Spruce for an invigorating aroma
  • 2 drops Bergamot to provide a light citrus scent
  • 6 drops Citrus Fresh for a bright and refreshing scent
For other Young Living products the man in your life will love, be sure to check out the Shutran line of products, including Shutran Beard Oil!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Cold Weather Wellness

Dr. Mom: Cold-weather wellness

Thieves Essential Oil-Infused Cough Drops

When cold symptoms strike, it’s important to have something on hand to offer immediate relief. Thieves® Cough Drops soothe scratchy throats, relieve coughs, and cool nasal passages using the power of naturally occurring menthol. Minty, spicy, and sweet without processed sugar, dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives, these cough drops are made with naturally derived ingredients, including Young Living’s pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and menthol from Peppermint.

SniffleEase Essential Oil Blend

After a long day out and about, there’s nothing like the aroma of pure essential oils to help rejuvenate and relax your kiddo before bedtime. With 11 essential oils, including Eucalyptus, Dorado Azul, and Pine, SniffleEase™ offers a crisp, invigorating aroma. Apply it to your child’s chest just before bed.

Mighty Vites

KidScents MightyVites

As much as we try to get our kids to eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables, they could probably still use help getting all the vitamins and minerals they need each day. KidScents® MightyVites™ is the perfect way to help fill in the gaps. These chewable tablets deliver a spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, and whole food-based ingredients such as wolfberry powder, barley grass, broccoli sprouts, natural vitamins, biotin, iron, zinc, and so much more! With the best ingredients for your child and the delicious flavor of wild berry and orange cream, this is a win for both parent and child!

NingXia Red

Sneak a delicious serving of antioxidant-packed superfruit into your kid’s diet with NingXia Red®!* Add it to a smoothie, offer it to them straight, or mix it with Greek yogurt. You can also freeze it for a slushy-like refreshment without any artificial colors or excess sugar. It’s a treat you can feel great about giving them, and they’ll adore eating it! As any parent knows, those are hard to come by.

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Cranberry Sauce

Image may contain: text and food

Young Living

1 12oz bag cranberries
1 cup cranberry juice
1 cup pure maple syrup
2 drops Orange Vitality
2 drops Lime Vitality
1 drop Lemon Vitality

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