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Enzyme Comparison


Dietary Enzyme Comparison

Essentialzymes-4 is a multi-spectrum enzyme complex specially formulated to aid the critically needed digestion of dietary fats, proteins, fiber, and carbohydrates commonly found in the modern processed diet. The dual time-release technology releases the animal- and plant-based enzymes at separate times within the digestive tract, allowing for optimal nutrient absorption.

Allerzyme™ is a vegetarian enzyme complex that promotes digestion.

Essentialzyme™ is a bilayered, multienzyme complex caplet specially formulated to support and balance digestive health and to stimulate overall enzyme activity to combat the modern diet. Essentialzyme contains tarragon, peppermint, anise, fennel, and clove essential oils to improve overall enzyme activity, and support healthy pancreatic function.

Detoxzyme®combines a myriad of powerful enzymes that complete digestion, help detoxify, and promote cleansing.* The ingredients in Detoxzyme also work with the body to support normal function of the digestive system, which is essential for maintaining and building health.

KidScents® MightyZyme is an all-natural, vegetarian product in the form of chewable tablets designed to help children combat the negative effects of enzyme depletion. MightyZyme chewables address each of the digestive needs of growing bodies and assist normal digestion of all foods, including proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
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Manly Man's Essential Oils

The manly man’s guide to essential oils (manly edition)

Welcome, gentlemen, this one’s just for you. Ladies, since you’re already here, you can check it out, too. Incorporating essential oils into your life isn’t just easy—it can also put a manly spring in your step. Pretty soon, you’ll be chopping down trees with your bare fists and wrestling bears to a draw, all thanks to these simple tips.
Check out these three categories in your life that can benefit from a few drops of pure awesomeness:
*Essential oils are indeed powerful, but please don’t try punching down trees and wrestling bears. Just use these essential oils as directed to enjoy their awesome scents and benefit from their therapeutic-grade purity.


Keeping in shape is one of the pillars upon which manliness is built. No matter if you’re crushing some bench presses, tearing up the fairway, or hiking high enough to high five an eagle, you’ll want to keep these basics in your gym bag to help you get the most from every workout:

Treat those aches and pains

Massage Cool Azul™ Pain Relief Cream into your skin after a workout for a cooling sensation that provides relief from minor muscle and joint
aches, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains. Backed with our Seed to Seal®promise of purity, this pain cream will have your muscles thanking you for ditching the synthetic ingredients.

Take care before and after exerciseDeep Relief Roll-on

Apply Deep Relief™ Roll-On to your neck and chest before working out to inspire you to push harder or apply it as part of a post-activity massage to target areas that need it most.

Boost your boring waterOrange Vitality Essential Oil

Reach for Lime Vitality™Tangerine Vitality™, or Orange Vitality™ instead of sugary sports drinks to stay hydrated! Just
a drop or two in your glass water bottle will keep you coming back for more.

Personal Care

Grooming sounds like such a primitive term, making it perfect for manly men like us. Separate yourself from the pack by looking great and smelling like nature itself with these essential oil-infused solutions:

Smell good without perfumePatchouli Essential Oil - Young Living

Supposedly, perfume is called “cologne” when it’s for men, but let’s skip the nomenclature and ditch it altogether. Start with Shutran™PatchouliCedarwoodBergamotNorthern Lights Black Spruce, or Black Pepper to see what works best with your body’s chemistry, then create a combination that’s all yours. Dilute with a smidge of carrier oil and apply a drop or two to your wrists and neck for a masculine scent that lasts all day.

Cedarwood - Young Living Essential Oil

Keep that burly beard in check

Give those lovely locks a healthy sheen with some homemade beard oil. Check out our handy beard oil blog post for some blends from the guys who know best—Young Living employees! Bottom line: If your beard is oil-free, it’s just not living up to its potential.

 Treat your face to ShutranShutran Shave Cream

If you truly must shave, make sure you’re
at least doing it with the best stuff. Shutran™ Shave Cream is full of hydrating ingredients and pure essential oils that’ll give you a close shave with a great fragrance.

Good Eating

You like food. You like flavor. So why haven’t you been super-charging your healthy cooking with the intense flavor of essential oils? Check out these ways to get more essential oils into your diet:

Spice up your lifeblack-pepper-vitality-essential-oil-young-living

Perfect for boosting flavor in almost anything you’re cooking, essential oils are like a flavor bomb compared to dried herbs. Add Lemon Vitality™ to fish, Black Pepper Vitality™ to steak sauce and marinades, and Basil Vitality™ to Italian. Get creative—your taste buds will thank you for it.

Put some Zyng in your stepNingXia Zyng - Young Living

Add a splash of hydration to your routine by keeping NingXia Zyng™ handy. Or if you’re in a real rush, reach for NingXia Nitro® to keep your athletic performance and cognition at its peak. Both are delicious, convenient as heck, and infused with essential oils.

Try a brand-new recipelime-vitality-essential-oil-young-living

Still not sure where to start? This blog is a great resource that’s frequently updated with recipes that incorporate essential oils in innovative and delicious new ways. Check out our Vitality-infused marinadesVitality-infused chicken enchiladas, and 20-minute game-day recipes to get going!

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Young Living Baby Products

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Young Living Seedling Baby Product

Baby LotionWhile babies are known for their cuddly softness, dry skin affects infants just like adults. Hot baths, dry air, irritants, and other factors can all leave your baby uncomfortable and fussy.
Combat the effects of dry skin and prevent future dryness with Seedlings™ Baby Lotion. This non-greasy moisturizer supports moisture barrier function and smoothly absorbs into your baby’s delicate skin, leaving it moisturized, soft, and smooth.
Made without alcohol, parabens, synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes, or other unwanted ingredients, Seedlings Baby Lotion is formulated with 100 percent plant-based ingredients and pure essential oils to soothe your little one with a light, calming scent.

Seedlings™ Baby Wash & Shampoo is formulated specially for infants’ delicate skin. Its mild, gentle formula is tear-free, sulfate-free, and made from 100 percent plant-based, naturally derived ingredients. It leaves skin and hair clean, soft, and smooth and makes tangles easy to comb out.
This 2-in-1 calming baby wash and tear-free shampoo can be used to clean baby from head to toe, even those little cheeks and nose. It is lightly scented with 100 percent pure essential oils—formulated with our new Calm blend of Lavender, Coriander, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium essential oils.
Carry the sweet scent of bath time with you throughout the day by checking out the rest of our Seedlings products, including Seedlings Baby Oil and Seedlings Baby Lotion.
Keep little bottoms comfortable without using harsh chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin. With mild, gentle ingredients you can feel good about, Seedlings™ Diaper Rash Cream just may be the best diaper rash treatment you’ll try for your baby’s sensitive skin. Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream is made with 100 percent naturally derived ingredients, including 100 percent pure essential oils. This thick, Lavender-scented cream reduces the duration and severity of diaper rash when applied at the first sign of redness. It soothes on contact, protects your baby’s delicate skin, and acts as a physical barrier to wetness.
Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream can be used as a preventative measure before bed or anytime when exposure to wet diapers may be prolonged. The extra gentle, mild formula—developed specially for your infant’s tender skin—seals out wetness and helps balance skin moisture while reducing redness.
Seedlings™ Baby Wipes are ultra-soft and comfortable. The soothing formula leaves skin moisturized, soft, and smooth while providing gentle and thorough cleansing without drying your infant’s delicate skin.
These gentle baby wipes can be used on any part of your infant’s skin. Soft, thick, and versatile, these wipes can handle a diaper change or a lunchtime cleanup. Vegan friendly, this mild and gentle formula contains cleansing botanicals and 100 percent pure essential oils and is specially formulated to minimize the risk of common allergic reactions.
Check out the rest of our specially formulated Seedlings line of products, including Seedlings Diaper Rash Cream and Seedlings Baby Wash to keep your baby clean, comfortable, and cooing.
Baby Oil The mild, gentle formula of Seedlings™ Baby Oil was developed for an infant’s delicate skin. The ingredients are 100 percent plant-based and naturally derived to create a baby oil that will moisturize, soothe, and nourish your baby’s skin without the use of mineral oil.
This gentle baby oil absorbs smoothly, leaving baby’s skin soft, snuggle-able, and kissable with a delicate scent. Formulated from the 100 percent pure essential oils in our Calm blend of Lavender, Coriander, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, and Geranium, Seedlings Baby Oil offers a calming aroma to promote a relaxing environment—at bedtime or anytime.
Seedlings Baby Oil is diluted in a strength that is appropriate for your little one, and it is vegan friendly. You can keep the light, gentle scent of Seedlings with you and baby all day long by checking out our other Seedlings products, including Seedlings Baby Wash & Shampoo and Seedlings Baby Lotion.
Linen Spray Adds calming aroma to linens, Creates soothing & relaxing atmosphere, Refreshes crib sheets, blankets, car seats, clothing carpet, & other fabrics, Made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, Gentle enough for use around infants & breastfeeding mothers & Vegan friendly- Coming soon-
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Sulfurzyme Science Tip


Sulfurzyme® combines wolfberry with MSM, a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulfur needed by our bodies every day to maintain the structure of proteins, protect cells and cell membranes, replenish the connections between cells, and preserve the molecular framework of connective tissue.* MSM also supports the immune system, the liver, circulation, and proper intestinal function and works to scavenge free radicals.* Wolfberries contain minerals and coenzymes that support the assimilation and metabolism of sulfur.

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New Desert Mist Diffuser

The New Desert Mist Diffuser from Young Living

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Desert Mist diffuser is designed to run longer & offer more features, so you can customize your aromatherapy experience to any mood. If offers 10 LED colored light options, including an alluring candle-like flicker mode, with its beautiful design, this diffuser will fit right in with any home or office decor

Benefits & Features

  • Diffusing essential oils is a perfect way to relax, dispel odors, & create an aroma-filled atmosphere of peace & harmony 

  • Three run modes are perfect for a customizable experience:  

High mode runs approximately 5 hours continuously. 

Low mode runs approximately 8 hours continuously.

Internittent mode (1 minute on /1 minute off) runs approximately 10 hours. 

  • The diffuser's 11 different light settings can be turned off or on independent of diffuser function.

  • The diffuser includes a romantic candle-like flicker mode. 

  • The diffuser includes a light cycle mode, so colors transition gently from one to another
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2017 International Grand Convention Products

Young Living New Essesntial Oil Products

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Mineral Sunscreen Lotion Non-Chemical Mineral Based, No nanoparticles, Water Resistant, Sweat Resistant, Dermatologist Approved, Contains Essential Oils SPF10 & Broad Spectrum

Lavaderm-After Sun Spray Hypoallergenic, Clinically tested for sensitivity, Soothes & cools skin, Aloe moisturizes skin, Immediate relief from pain associated with sunburn, minor burns, minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites and minor skin irritations

Insect Repellent Hypollergenic, Deet free, 10% plant-based Formula, Clincally tested for efficacy,& shown to be 30% more efficaciousthan top selling natural insect repellent

Shutran 3-1 Men's Wash

Super Cal Plus 60 Capsules 30 day supply, The main purpose of this is to support a healthy structural system through mineral & co-factors that promote the structure integrity & density of the bones, Super Cal Plus is inteded for indivduals 12 years & older

Aminowise, Helps support muscles during & after exercise to fight fatigue & enhance recovery, Reduces lactic acid formed by exercise, Supports hydration by replenishing important minerals, Contains no added sugar or artificial sweetners

Young Living Seedlings ---

Baby Bath & Shampoo, Leaves skin & hair clean, soft & smooth, Extra gentle, mild formula developed specifically for infants delicate skin, tear -free, 100% plant-based, naturally derived ingredients, Dermatologist tested & hypollergenic & Vegan friendly formula

Baby Oil Dermatologist tested & hypoallergenic, Mild, gentle formula developed specially for infants delicate skin, Moisturizes, soothes, & nourishes, skin, Made with 100 % plant-based, naturally derived ingredients, Contains %percent pure essential oils diluted in & appropriate strength for baby's delicate skin

Baby Lotion Prevent dryness by smoothing & moisturizing skin, Non-greasy formula that absorbs, Made with plant-based, naturally derived ingredients, Dermatologist tested & hypoallergenic & vegan friendly

Linen Spray Adds calming aroma to linens, Creates soothing & relaxing atmosphere, Refreshes crib sheets, blankets, car seats, clothing carpet, & other fabrics, Made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, Gentle enough for use around infants & breastfeeding mothers & Vegan friendly- Coming soon-

Diaper Wipes, Ultra soft & comfortable on infants delicate skin, Soothing & not-drying, Leaves skin moisturized, soft & smooth, Dermatologist tested & hypoallergenic & Vegan friendly

Desert Mist diffuser

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Young Living New Products 2017

2017 Young Living New Products

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Young Living Essential Oils Convention 2017 Preview New Products

Young Living Essential Oils
6 hrs
A little sneak peak of what's to come at convention! Be sure to tune in Thursday night for some exciting announcements! #YLConvention #yleo
Young Living Essential Oils Convention 2017 Preview New Products