Who wants their closet smelling like stinky feet? Not you. So how do you deodorize
 your shoes without relying on whatever’s in those commercial odor eliminators? 
DIY deodorizer spray and a shoe powder, so you can pick your preference.

DIY shoe odor eliminator spray


2 ounces witch hazel
1 ounce distilled water
30-40 drops essential oil
3-ounce glass spray bottle
Purification essential oil blend


1. Add witch hazel and water to the spray bottle. Remember to leave room at the top so that you can add the essential oils. You may not need a full ounce of water.
2. Add 30-40 drops of essential oil. (See our recommendations below.)
3. Put the spray top on and shake well to mix. Add more oil if you want a stronger scent.

How to use

Shake well before each use. Spray the insides of your shoes enough to make them slightly damp, but not enough to soak them. Let the shoes sit for at least 12 hours before wearing them again to ensure that they are completely dry.
YL tip: Mix and match any of our recommended essential oils to suit your sense of smell! This is the recipe we used:
11 drops Purification®
10 drops Peppermint
5 drops Lemon

DIY shoe odor eliminator powder


¼ cup baking soda
¼ cup arrowroot powder
15 drops essential oil
1 glass jar
Thieves essential oil blend uses | Young Living


1. Combine baking soda and arrowroot powder in a mixing bowl.
2.Once combined, add your essential oil to the mixture. Just like in the spray, you can use any oil combination you like. We love the rich, spicy scent of Thieves® essential oil blend!
3. Stir until there are no clumps.
4. Place mixture into a glass jar with a lid.

How to use

Use a small spoon to sprinkle a dash of powder into your shoes before use.

Essential oils to eliminate shoe odors

Here are some of our favorite super-powered funk-fighters.