Do you ever get so tired that you can’t even finish your senten . . 
. kdfoamskl? So sorry—must have nodded off there.
Bleary-eyed, excessive-yawning days are usually preceded
 by nights of tossing and turning, punching our pillows, 
and worrying about tomorrow’s to-do list. Luckily, 
we’ve got a sleep guru for every one of your sleepless nights
You guessed it—essential oils! Let’s start with the basics.

Does aromatherapy work for sleep?

A thousand times yes! Falling asleep with the soothing scent of 
essential oils is a dream come true. The powerful aroma of oils 
can help with everything from boosting your mood to tackling 
all that the day throws your way. When combined with a nightly 
ritual, essential oils can give you the warm, fuzzy feelings you
 need for a restful night of sweet slumbers. Learn the science 
behind how this works!

Which essential oils help you sleep?

Studies have shown that one in three adults aren’t getting
 a proper amount of rest. Beat the odds, stop counting sheep,
 and use these essential oils when drifting off to dreamland!

Lavender essential oil

Why is it that the only time you remember tedious to-dos 
is immediately after your head hits the pillow? This is when 
your hand blindly grasps for the bottle of Lavender on your bedside
 table. Lavender’s freshly floral scent will give you a worry-free 
outlook and let your mind set aside tomorrow’s concerns.

How to use Lavender for sleep

Turn your bottle of Lavender essential oil into roll-on with an 
AromaGlide® Roller Fitment. The convenience means you
 won’t even need to turn on the lights to swipe this relaxing 
scent on your wrists and temples.
Lavender essential oil
Valerian essential oil

Valerian essential oil

Sometimes your bed feels like a haven, and 
sometimes it feels like a pile of rocks. For nights 
when you think you’ll never get comfy again, turn to
 Valerian. This complex oil for sleep can help with 
occasional restlessness and eases that nervous
 tension that may be keeping you from sweet dreams.

How to use Valerian for sleep

Make your sheets the best things to slip into when 
the sun goes down. Create a slumber-supporting 
linen spray by combing 15 drops Valerian, 10 drops
 Clary Sage, 10 drops Cedarwood, and distilled water 
in an 8-ounce spray bottle.

Roman Chamomile essential oil

It’s the craziness of life that usually prevents us from getting a magical
 night’s rest. Reminisce about simpler times and younger years with 
Roman Chamomile. This sweet, hay-like essential oil will fill your 
sleep space with peace as you slip into dreams of responsibility-free childhood.

How to use Roman Chamomile for sleep

Add a drop of Roman Chamomile’s warm aroma to a foot cream
 and massage your tired tootsies! Giving yourself a foot rub while
 reflecting on all you’re grateful for will help your shoulders drop a 
few inches. You might even find yourself thankful for hectic days that 
make tranquil moments that much sweeter.
Roman Chamomile essential oil uses | Young Living
Ylang Ylang essential oil uses

Ylang Ylang essential oil

You know what’s a real recipe for disaster? 
A bummer of a day followed by a fidgety night’s sleep.
 The only way to beat a bad day and a worse night is with
 Ylang Ylang! Kick back with this exquisite floral oil for a
 boost of confidence that tomorrow will be so much better
 after a comforting night’s rest.

How to use Ylang Ylang for sleep

Ylang Ylang essential oil is a winner with the whole family. 
Right before stories, snuggles, and bedtime, place a
 drop of this dreamy oil in your kid’s palm; then have 
them rub their hands together, cup their nose, and 
breathe in the sweet, soothing scent. That’s a sure way to 
encourage dreams of happy adventure!

Bergamot essential oil

Shake off stress and ease into joyful dreams with Bergamot essential oil
You may not associate a bright citrus oil with sleeping, but seeking positive vibes 
right before drifting off might be just the thing you need. With its sunshiny scent, you’ll 
find yourself letting go of nervous tension in no time.

How to use Bergamot for sleep

To keep the citrusy scents of Bergamot lingering all night long, put a few droplets
 of this essential oil onto a tissue or handkerchief and tuck it inside your pillow. 
Not only will you get a citrus-infused bedroom, but happy-infused dreams as well!

Bergamot essential oil
Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oil

After a crazy day, you just want to rush as quickly as
 possible and flop on your bed. But let’s do self-care the
 right way! Take a few extra minutes before bed with 
Frankincense. Letting yourself unwind and find a moment 
of clarity after a long day could be just the ticket for a 
sublime sleep.

How to use Frankincense for sleep

We find that unwinding is most effective when you seek
 inner peace. Diffuse Frankincense while you do a few
 simple yoga poses to relax your body. Or rub this deep 
scent on your chest and let your mind empty of all the day’s cares.

Clary Sage essential oil

Some nights are doozies: Maybe a car alarm keeps going off or a child continually needs a drink of water. Soothe that lack-of-sleep stress with the scents of Clary Sage. If sleep still isn’t coming, consider meditating for a while to find your Zen.

How to use Clary Sage for sleep

If meditation isn’t your thing for winding down, try a massage. Add this sweetly herbaceous essential oil to V-6™ and massage your hands, legs, or feet. For peak relaxation, ask your partner to rub your back. You’ll feel amazing and even find that your skin looks healthier and glows more vibrantly!
Clary Sage essential oil
Cedarwood essential oil

Cedarwood essential oil

Do you struggle to sleep in a strange bed? if so,
 Cedarwood essential oil is your ultimate travel
 buddy. Use it to make a home away from home whether 
you’re snoozing in a new city or trying to get comfy in the
 great outdoors.

How to use Cedarwood for sleep

How exactly do you turn this balmy aroma into your 
number-one packing necessity? When you’re in a stuffy 
hotel room, you can diffuse it to eliminate distracting odors.
 When you’re in a tent, you can apply it topically for a 
comforting scent that makes sleeping on the ground easier.

Copaiba essential oil

Pretend you’re on vacation every night with Copaiba! This warm essential oil is just
 the balmy aroma you need. Its inviting scent not only infuses your home with a 
comforting aroma, but if it’s aches and pains keeping you from drifting off, you can combine it with Cool Azul® for some pre-sleep relief.

How to use Copaiba for sleep

Even if you’re at home, you can act like you’re at a hotel! Wrap yourself in a fluffy robe, turn on your favorite show, and get your feet soaking. Add warm water with ¼ cup Epsom salt, 
2 drops Copaiba, and 2 drops Bergamot to a basin and lean into that staycation relaxation.
Copaiba essential oil uses
Rose essential oil

Rose essential oil

We can all agree that life gets messy! Whether you’ve 
been spit up on or spilled your drink at lunch, now that the 
sun is down, you deserve some luxury. Bring on the 
Rose essential oil! This elegant oil is the perfect 
pampering partner; we could all use a little extra 
self-love before bed.

How to use Rose for sleep

What smells help with sleepy time? Diffuse 1 drop Rose, 
2 drops Frankincense, and 3 drops Copaiba for a sleep
 blend that will have you nodding off in no time.
YL tip: Don’t have Rose? You can use Geranium or 
Jasmine instead.

Vetiver essential oil

The best thing you can do for tomorrow is get a good night’s sleep today. Vetiverwill help you do just that. With a promise to increase clarity and spark your creativity, this earthy-scented
 oil will get you in the mood to sleep so you can slay the next day.

How to use Vetiver for sleep

We’ve saved our favorite how-to tip for last: a bath! Set yourself up for a tomorrow
 filled with awesome by adding 3 drops Vetiver, 3 drops Ylang Ylang, and 4 drops
 Cedarwood to warm bathwater. Bonus points if you can come up with a stellar 
set of goals while you soak!