Throw yourself a bone—keeping

 up to date on information about 
osteoporosis isn’t easy.
 That’s why we’ve pulled 
together some facts to
 help boost your bone health.
To start, this disease causes
a decrease in bone
mass that makes bones
 weak and brittle and more
likely to break. Want to protect
 yourself from decreased
 bone mass? Read on to 
find out how to keep your bones 

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis affects both
men and women, but of
10 million Americans 
with osteoporosisabout 80 
percent are women. According to the
 National Osteoporosis
 Foundation, approximately
 one in two women  over
 the age of 50 will break
a bone because of osteoporosis. 

The foundation also states that
 women between the ages 
 of 20 and 80 lose about 
one-third of their bone density
 in their hips. 
All the more reason why it’s
 important to keep learning and
 do all we
 can to strengthen our bones.

What is the main cause

 of osteoporosis?

A number of factors can
 contribute to osteoporosis,
 but according to the 
Mayo Clinic, here are some
 of the most common:
1. Family tree: If you have
 family, like a sibling or parent,
with osteoporosis, you are 
more likely to have the 
disease yourself.
2. Years old: Even though
young people can get
osteoporosis, it is
 more prevalent among 
people 50 years and older.
3 . Small frames:
 Women and
 men with small body
frames, because they have
less  bone mass to lose, 
are at higher risk for 
osteoporosis due to
 decrease in bone mass
 over time.
4. Insufficient calcium intake: 
A lack of calcium across a
lifetime can cause a lack 
of bone density.
5. Lack of exercise:
 Those who tend to
 sit all day, like at desk
 jobs, or who don’t exercise 
enough are more prone 
to osteoporosis.

How can I prevent 


We often think about
 building our muscles, but
what about the structure that 
keeps us supported? Caring
 for your bones while you’re
 young will give you the best
 results, but there is hope for
 everyone regardless of age.
 Follow these tips given by
 the National Institute of 
Arthritis and Musculoskeletal
 and Skin Disease
to help keep your bones healthy
 and strong.
1. Get enough calcium and
 vitamin D: Eating a well
-balanced diet and getting 
enough calcium and
vitamin D will greatly
help your chances of avoiding
 osteoporosis. Next time
you’re deciding what to
 eat, reach for things that 
are rich in vitamins
 like kale or spinach
 salad. Bone-appetit!
2. Get up and move: 
The more you move,
the stronger your bones
 will become.
 Weight bearing exercises
 like walking, running,
jumping, dancing, tennis, etc.
 are typically best for creating
 and maintaining strong
 and healthy bones!
3. Quit smoking and limit 
 Smoking negatively effects
your bones, heart, and lungs. 
If you smoke, you may absorb
 less calcium from the foods
 you eat. 
An excess consumption
 of alcohol may also affect
 bone health. Limit your 
alcohol intake; your bones
 will thank you.

Super Cal™ Plus supplement for bones

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