Monday, August 21, 2017

Savvy Mineral Make-Up

Here are two videos on putting the Savvy Mineral Make-Up!
(over 13-16 minutes long)

Young Living make-up line Video

A glamorous make-up Video

Blush-Savvy Minerals
I Do Believe You’re Blushin’ (pink neutral) Item No. 20795/ Smashing (cool pink) Item No. 20796/
Passionate (dark burnished rose) Item No. 20797

Bronzer-Savvy Minerals
Summer Loved (warm brown) Item No. 20777/ Crowned All Over (medium nude) Item No. 20776

Essential Brush Set
Foundation Brush, Blush Brush, Veil Brush, Blending Brush, Eyeshadow Brush,
Carrying Case Item #: 21257

Eyeliner-Savvy Minerals
Jet Setter (black matte) Item No. 20791

Eyeshadow-Savvy Minerals
Best Kept Secret (Matte nude) Item No. 20782
Crushin’ (Nude peach with light shimmer) Item No. 20896
Determined (Medium brown shimmer) Item No. 20781
Diffused (Matte plum) Item No. 20894
Residual (Pale beige shimmer) Item No. 20785
Spoiled (Matte pink) Item No. 20784
Unscripted (Matte warm purple) Item No. 20895
Wanderlust (Pale white shimmer) Item No. 20783

Foundation Powder-Savvy Minerals
Cool No. 1 Item No. 20776/ Cool No. 2 Item No. 20775/ Cool No. 3 Item No. 20773/
Warm No. 1 Item No. 20777/ Warm No. 2 Item No. 20774/ Warm No. 3 Item No. 20772
Dark No. 1 Item No. 20858/ Dark No. 2 Item No. 20859/ Dark No. 3 Item No. 20860/
Dark No. 4 Item No. 20861

Lip Gloss-Savvy Minerals
Embrace  Item #: 20832/ Living Abundant  Item #: 20825

Lipstick-Savvy Minerals
Daydream 21292 /  On A Whim 21293/   Uptown Girl 21296/    Wish 21294

Misting Spray  Item #: 21397

Multi Tasker
Dark Brown
Item No. 20794

Veil-Savvy Minerals
Diamond Dust - Large  Item #: 20793

Baby Wipes - YL Seedlings Calm Scent  Item #: 20428

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thanks Yl, Jen & Hannah

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